Need a totally unfair rating removed.


I’m relatively new seller here at gameflip (abt 4 days in) and slowly learning the ways around here, I have abt 160+ good ratings which I have gathered in the past 4 days since I started and 0 bad ratings. However today I received an order like the usual ones(I sell fornite ingame items) I noticed the buyer was an old seller of the same ingame items I sell (I wondered why he would buy something he already sells from a long time) I thought whatever he must be trying to resale it at higher price or use personally. We talked to each other, I delivered his item super fast (within 20 mins) everything went well basically without any prb I asked him to close the order, he did. Than I gave him a good rating and completed the order.

Only to go back to my profile to see he has given me a totally unfair and bs BAD rating. Then I realized what this was for all along he literally only bought my item just so he can leave a bad rating on my profile, He even says that in his rating that he left. Furthermore when I checked his profile I found similar ratings of other ppl suggesting that this guy being an old seller purposefully buys items from new sellers to leave bad ratings on them and to shame them (to hurt their business and buyers)

All I ask for the mods is too pls remove this unfair bad rating from my profile, My INV CODE is “Q4MFVG” I dnt knw if its against the rulez to say the name of the guy who left the bad rating so im not gonna do it, I only have 1 bad rating so finding which one should’nt be a prblem. @DunnBiscuit

Faced the exact same thing before with a guy who is pretty well known seller (but according to some older forum posts also an occasional scammer) - Orange B. So, care to share this user’s name and profile link?


Hello! I was able to remove your rating after evaluating your case.


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Thank you DunnBiscuit!

Since your asking i assume its ok the share the name and not against the rules here, “The Mythic Brothers (ONLINE :+1:) XBOX ONE ONLY”

Oh, again the user with “ONLINE” in his nickname. No surprise… Thanks!

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Here is the profile for convenience of others.

I will be posting up one of my own very shortly. First sale in ages with all the spamming/search changes and instant-dispute with no conversation.

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Lol, No problem mate!

Damn, I can feel the frustration.