Ability to change rating

I was quickly going through my sold items and just leaving “good” ratings.

However, one guy game me a “poor” rating for no reason, even though the key worked and it went through fine.
I had already left a “good” rating, but now want to leave a “poor” rating for him doing this for no reason other than to mess up my feedback score.

Hey @NightBlader, unfortunately there is no way of chaging the rating as you said.
You may contact us and tell your part of the story so we can sse if it is possible to remove your bad rating.


I was gonna ask the same thing. A seller who sold me a used code (buyers name Orange B) gave me a poor rating.

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Orange B: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:7ba64906-b735-4328-9737-e73b0ff1d300
is a famous scammer here on gameflip.
I sugest you to create a new topic here to report he with if possible attach prints of him and send e-mail to support with same content. Gameflip need do something with theses scammers.

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Will do thanks. Dont get if hes a known scammer why hes still allowed so sell stuff