Need unfair rating to be removed



Buyer buys a gig from me, Says he will come online in 6 hours. I message him asking for a reply after 6 hrs, Never responds. Then he messages abt 9 hrs later saying “He doesn’t care about gig part and only wants the free items part” I was offline at that time but I still get on for him and message him, Again no reply. Then he message’s after almost 1 whole day. At early morning time when im not online. Says he will get on in 30 mins. Again i get online for him. He never gets on, or replys. Order gets auto cancelled then after 1 entire day he message’s again saying “Sry, You took too long” and gives me a poor rating. Guy doesnt have one bit of respect for the seller’s time, Anyways I would like this unfair rating to be removed. I have attached screenshots of the chat with the buyer as proof. @DunnBiscuit

TLDR: Buyer never responds, order gets auto cancelled. Buyer gives unfair poor rating. Which I would like to get removed.

Inv code: Q4MFVG
Screenshots link:
Order id: 7850ba86-bed7-4be2-bada-a2837dd141d1


Moderators rarely reply on weekend.
So moderator will reply Monday and they will most likely removed the unfair rating.

I apologize the person was making you speed up.
Please give it little bit for a moderator to read your post.

They may need the order #.

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Thanks for the reply, Just remembered about the order id aswell. Updated the post.

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Hello, I could check it here and i remvoed the rating.

Thank you.

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Thank you!

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Thank you for using Gameflip


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