I was never notified of this, please help!

It doesn’t show that anyone rated me poorly and the guy never contacted upon purchase!

Im worried this had a negative effect onto my account

Wow now I got the bad rating from Gameflip, this is not fair, the person never even contacted me!

Transaction is canceled by buyer because you didn’t deliver the items on promised time, in your case you put 1 day for delivery, once 24h pass he will get button for cancel, if he cancel sometimes he will get option to rate you and thats how you got poor.

I know that but he never contacted me

He didn’t? You are supposed to start the conversation as seller asking for Gamer Tag/ID or Epic ID in this case, if he don’t respond, then this is really unfair rate, ask @DunnBiscuit for help he will fix it.

I had so many orders this week and it was chaotic if he sent at least one message like saying “hello?” or something I would’ve seen the notification

I also have one person that wants postpone delivery for 3 days so I could’ve mistaken him for the the wrong person

You should check all transactions every chat. Then if you are 100% sure that rating is made unfairly contact the moderator for help.

@DunnBiscuit can you please help resolve this problem already?

If you contact me via PM and send me your invite code, I’ll try to do so,