unfair poor rating


He has bought purple octane from me. After this, I gave his item immediately.And he rated me as poor although I did everything right. Ive asked him that why he rated me as poor. He said he will fix it and deleted me on steam.

This trade : https://gameflip.com/exchange_seller/b8f9a574-3469-46ea-8ff9-8638152588f9

my invite code : YXW6ZF


Yeah same here. No big deal but I just spent a full day trying to contact my buyer for a .75 RL decal. I must have sent 8 messages with no response from the buyer.

I wake up this morning with a poor rating because he cancelled for me not delivering in time.

Again not a big deal, but frustrating.

Invite code X9JP8H



Hello! I was able to remove the bad ratings for both of you.



ty for your help