unfair poor rating

He has bought purple octane from me. After this, I gave his item immediately.And he rated me as poor although I did everything right. Ive asked him that why he rated me as poor. He said he will fix it and deleted me on steam.

This trade : https://gameflip.com/exchange_seller/b8f9a574-3469-46ea-8ff9-8638152588f9

my invite code : YXW6ZF

Yeah same here. No big deal but I just spent a full day trying to contact my buyer for a .75 RL decal. I must have sent 8 messages with no response from the buyer.

I wake up this morning with a poor rating because he cancelled for me not delivering in time.

Again not a big deal, but frustrating.

Invite code X9JP8H


Hello! I was able to remove the bad ratings for both of you.


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ty for your help

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Hey Dunnbiscuit, it happened again if you want to look up my account on my last canceled order.

If this is something we should just deal with then let me know and I won’t bring it up on the forums anymore.

Not sure about the rating system right now. As a seller if I cancel in the first 24 hours (I have it set for 1 day delivery) then they can’t rate me but if I go over the 24 hours then they can cancel and rate?

I wanted to cancel because I knew he wasn’t meeting up with me but I didn’t and sure enough the next day he cancels and either rates me bad or Gameflip auto rates me bad. Not sure which one.

Thanks for your time.

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