Unfair bad rating

Hi so I’ve got a bad rating which I think is pretty unfair

The guy ordered from me when I was offline (I put offline in my name) and complained and said I was hard to work with. I can’t tell if he was a troll or something but the bad rating looks bad on my profile and I don’t want a false review to spoil my sales and what not

My code is: KXBQ8B

I hope one of the moderators can fix this :slight_smile: thanks for reading

Hello, after further evaluating, I could remove this negative rating for you.


Thanks man, appreciate it

Hey, a guy who has no trade history on gameflip recently bought a rocket league item from me on PS4. I gave him the item and then he opened a dispute and then said he’d clicked the wrong thing and that he would Change it, 4 hours later he hasn’t done it and he hasn’t responded to my PS4 messages. I was just wondering how long it would take for support to respond and to sort the dispute out, thanks

Hello! It might take 1 day or two to have a dispute sorted due to the investigation our team do.

Regardless of that you may send the ticket number to me or the order number so I can try to speed up this process.


What’s the ticket number? I give you the order ID which is 4509c15e-57fe-4925-9105-7c202c535126

It says I have 3 hours to close this and escalate the issue and I’m scared he’s just gonna rob me since support still haven’t responded

Support will only respond after the buyer escalates the dispute. Check your exchange page and see if it is “escalated” yet. You are a seller so you cannot escalate, you can only respond to the buyer or send evidence in the exchange page. If the buyer does not escalate, the purchase will automatically be complete (and funds released to you).

A ticket number is one you get from creating a support ticket. Since you posted the order ID, the moderator will check it for you so please don’t create a new ticket.

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Oh okay, thanks for your help. I didn’t know about that

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Hello, thanks for sharing the order ID and after further checking I could complete the exchange.


Thank you bro, you’re a great guy and very helpful

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Hi it happened again, I gave a dude 20K but he instantly disputed and called me a scammer, he escalated it and it’s been 2 days and no answer from support, the Order ID is:



Hey may We have the names of both the scammers? I am rocket league trader too

Hello as I saw, this dispute was decided in your favor.

Thank you.