buying dispute Please Help !!

can someone help me with a buying dispute please i’ve been waiting a while for a response from both seller and gameflip staff. my request number is 132168

Please have some extra patience my friend. Supoort is doing their best to answer all tickets. What is the problem you are having with your order?

I bought a Gift card and tried to redeem it , it said , it is invaild , then asked the seller about that he said “Yes. You are right. Sorry bout that” then i asked for a valid code , he said I will contact customer service ,so i did that and nothing happened

This doesn’t sound right. Did you put the order under review so the rating countdown time is frozen? If the seller can’t provide a valid code, they should cancel the order and refund your money.

They helped me, Thanks , man. They refunded me :smiley: After 2 days from the ticket

No problem! Glad to hear the good news!

Hi I had a similar problem but I bought an item and the seller marked that he shipped it when he did not. I still have not received the item from the seller nor my compensation back and it’s been 6 days.

Hi RGTheWhale,

Have you put the transaction on hold and submit a ticket to Gameflip support?

Yes but I’m getting no help. It’s been 7 days since my first incident and I had the same exact thing happen again yesterday. I was basically robbed of $44

Are you buying from sellers with no ratings? I’ve seen quite a few no rating sellers popping up offering suspiciously low prices. This is often a tactic to lure victims in. I highly recommend buying from established sellers with a lot of good ratings. You may get a smaller discount, but it will be legit and you won’t have to waste your time like this.

Side note: Not all sellers with no ratings are scammers. Everyone has to start somewhere. However, if someone doesn’t have any ratings, comment on their listing to see if they are responsive and get a feel for them first. Also, you can always consult the Gameflip community.