buying dispute problem. need help. any team here to look at my dispute?

Anyone can help? I got scammed 44-45$.
I bought some google playstore code but the code did not work as they were redeemed already so I was unable to redeem it.
I sent the dispute ticket but so far no response.
Is there someone on the team here that can help or view it?
I really don’t want to wait so long and may not get anything back. I was hoping to get some google playstore code sometime as well.

Hopefully I did this right since this is basically my first time here and I recently started using this site a few days ago.
My request number I believe is: 134482
I also sent some pictures beforehand when I sent in the dispute so I don’t know if it’ll show in that request number

Hey, I’m sorry to hear about that.

We’re currently facing delays on the response of tickets, so that can be the explanation on why you didn’t get a reply yet.
That ticket request don’t sound right based on your explanation. Can you send me your invite code instead?

If you placed a dispute, you won’t be scammed. That’s what we promise 100% of our users with the Gameflip Guarantee.