my buyer used my code and open dispute.

One buyer bought from me PUBG CDK. He told it not work. i checked time and date my code used. it used after he bought it. My PUBG CDKs always works 100% before.
I sent my proof to gameflip but I still haven’t received a reply
My invite code: GXLF2H
My ticket id: #403714

@DunnBiscuit help me check my email

Once @DunnBiscuit gets on they will help you.

Just make sure to send in all your evidence.
It can take a few days for gameflip go thought the evidence being they have other cases to handle

I hope you win this dispute.
I’m tier of buyer trying to scam after using the codes
"The buyer or seller may face punitive action if Gameflip finds either party purposely defraud each other."

Lucy :heart:

We asked 3 times for the order ID, please send us such information so we can check it further.

Thank you.