This buyer is a scammer

Hello please help me, this buyer is trying to scam me please help.
He bought 3 cards from me at once and then told me that I made a mistake on the codes and that he bought three and none of them is working, then I said okay there might have been some mistake on the codes and I sent him a pic of the 3 cards, since he was the one who bought them and he said okay, he used them and cam back still complaining of the codes from the other chat and then opened dispute on all of them, please investigate this person and I’m sure he’s doing the same thing to other sellers since he is not verified and has already used the codes and has nothing to lose. here are the chat id below,
@DunnBiscuit please help.

Order ID

Order ID

Order ID

Hello @DunnBiscuit please I need help, I have never stolen from no one or try to scam anyone before, this is bad I got 3 dispute from one person who has never bought from me before and he’s trying to scam me. I really need this to be investigated, please please please.

Have you submitted a ticket to support, if you didn’t do it here and send proof about codes. And wait for answer.

Okay, thanks.

Hello, Please open a ticket to the support team and send me a PM with its numbers we need to have this registered.

Thank you.

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I already did that, but I didn’t save the number, should I do it again?

You can still find your ticket ID using

Go to the site above and make account using your gameflip email, confirm the account and go to requests there you will find all of your tickets and their ID’s.


Hello I just sent you the id, check your pm please.

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Thanks, you’ve been helpful.

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Ill check it in a few.


I sent you the info I got from Google play support and hope you got it, he has released one from dispute, 2 more to go.

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