Got scammed and Gameflip does not reply :(

Guys I got big problem 1st time (that’s why I made this forum account lol).
I bought card from seller and he sent me used alrdy code so I instantly opened dispute as I should.
But today it’s 7 DAYS after I did it and gameflip does no response. Seller does not response…
What can I do ?
Mby someone got mobile phone number to Gameflip ? :smiley:
Have a nice day !

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Please post your invite code and transaction id (order number) so a moderator can help you.
And please create a ticket if you haven’t done so containing all evidence. And post ticket number here.

Ok awesome

I just answered your ticket, also I contact the seller so I can gather more information about the code.

Thank you.

I just sent every confirmation you wanted on e-mail.
Please check that if you have time.
Have a nice day !

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