No response to my case over a week

I have been scammed so I asked Gameflip for chargeback (code duplicated, I own it already from different order lol). Instead of refund they banned my account. I have provided additional informations but no one replied my request of review. It has been two weeks without any results. Anyone faced similar situation? What do you recommend to do next?

Hopefully u get it resolved and once u have never use Gameflip again that’s the only solution. The support is useless and 90% of the cases go unsolved and the store is loaded with scammers

They hold my money and stock, I can’t leave it like that.

Wait did you do a chargeback?

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The support are doing there best. Buyer / Seller need to do there part too with protecting themself.

With all app like Gameflip there are a few people who use it to take advantage of people but not all Seller / Buyer are scammer. Gameflip does it best to banned user who scam or try taking advantage of people.

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Hey Lucy, we talked before. That topic has been closed but not solved. I claimed code is not usable - it’s a fact. And code is duplicated. The issue right now is Gameflip team don’t want to respond. I don’t get the point of being tardiness. The problem is still exist and they don’t want to take any part of responsibility of their decisions.

Did not @DunnBiscuit work with you in a PM?

Please be careful with over making topics on the same subject too.

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This subject is related to Gameflip Support at all, I haven’t heard anything from them for over a week. I sent 4 screenshots. I don’t think it’s difficult case to take that much time, 2 orders and 2 times same codes. They promise “2 days for response”.

They do there best ? I’ve sold so much paid so much in fees and harsha holla karkada makes a claim against me and I’m suspended ? And yet he’s still on gameflip making purchases. I understand gameflip does not want chargebacks but sellers shouldn’t have to suffer thru out the process and the buyer doesn’t . Harsha really finessed me and gameflip the process he went thru to claim my gift card was fraudlent is unreal and I have to provide all the proof when it’s all in the messages . I have sold so much items with my own money that I have worked hard for constantly searching to resell for a small profit and now my money is stuck and I can’t sell anything .

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If you’re a seller and same go for buyer themself having good evidence is the key to win your case in dispute.

The only way Gameflip will say something is fraudlent is if the buyer can show them evidence that the code is. They much contact the company that the code is for and get the Customer service to say It was revoked / purchase with a stole credit card / fraudlent. A buyer can’t simpley say it was.

Like I said @DunnBiscuit said they answered your ticket. Making multiple topic / posting on multiple threads is not a smart. If you send a reply to there email ask @DunnBiscuit to look into it.

Please no more makimg multiple topic / posting on multipe thread with the same issue.

Senpai DunnBiscuit is key.

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Same situation… for how long already?

I made 550 trades as Buyer only and I have claimed 1.6% for Gameflip warranty. For silly cases like change feedback they response within 2 days but for most important it takes weeks.

Stupid case? You think someone requesting a feedback change is stupid? I hope someone never give you bad feedback for no reason because you would like Gameflip to fix it.

This will be my last reply. Please be careful with your words. I already give you information on how I would fix the issue because I had a issuse like that myself.

I keep my calm and asked for help and I was super nice guess what Amazon and Gameflip fix it and I got my money back from I code that was bad.
Yes it take a long time but in the end I won my dispute vs the seller.

I wish you luck.

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This user harsha holla took advantage of my gift card I purchased it form a third party website ejsgifrcards and after he purchased it with an instant redeem he waited exactly 72 hours for funds to be automatically released to me to complain saying it did not work, he repeatedly lied on here saying he rated by mistake which he never did and gameflip can clearly see it. Gameflip can clearly see the convo as well . I just don’t understand this process he made it so easy to rob me what’s it going to stop anyone else from doing the same . I can’t even contact the gift card place because he did something so smart place an order recieve it all within the 3 days then claim fraud on it. I tried getting the company to email me this but they did but they did release all of his info to me over the phone First and Last name address and phone number and it matches with gameflip and his email as well, I believe it is clearly him because his email matches his username on this forum