Waiting over 1 month for customer support,

I am very EXTREMELY frustrated with how gameflip treats their customers. I purchased a code, the seller put in a random code that doesnt work, I contacted gameflip regarding it, I showed them proof from Steam support that the code is a fake one, and they still sided with the scamming seller. On top of that, I purchased 2 items (coordinated transfer) from a seller that were never delivered, showed all my proof, and Its been about 3 weeks, and I have not gotten a response from gameflip even though i have submitted multiple tickets. All i get is that the thread was closed and moved to another. 3 WEEKS AND NOTHING. I have lost 150$ due to scammers and gameflip wont do anything about it even after I showed them proof.

I just checked, the amount I’ve lost is actually 193$ not 150. and apparently gameflip doesn’t give a single s**t about me


First, please send me your request number so I can check your issues for you? Please send me via PM, I’ll try to answer you as fast as I can.

Second, now we are having a huge amount of tickets and if you keep opening tickets about the same issue, this will slow us down.

Unfortunately many of users do the above and this is slowing us down a lot.

Thanks for your comprehension.