Support hasn't answered

So I contacted support on May 1 and they responded a couple of times but I let them know that the problem hasn’t been resolved. They haven’t answered in 4 days… is this normal?

Hey @chaquichan23, if your ticket is opened and depending on the case it might take a few days to the support team to answer you, specially if it is a weekend.

Can you send me the request number so I can check the case for you?


89866 that’s the number

Thank you for sending that informarion.

I’ll check it an answer you as soon we an answer for your case.

Thank you.

Thanks again. Support answered and told me to try to purchase from a PC instead of the app and put the address they gave me and I still get the same message “address country must be US for physical goods” :confused:

yea i know some dude named orange b sold me a keycode for steam thats already been used now he changed his name to FUNNY SH#T i have sent pictures of proof to gameflip i dout the y send me a refund or check into that scammer i mean i aint the only one whos been scammed by him but if gameflip support dose get my few dollars back that would be great

Hey, can you tell us your request number so we can check it for you? Thanks!

110595 is the request number
This is the Item ID: 641bcc48-e9e1-4acf-86d7-10aae200721d

Here are two pictures stating I bought the game and the seller I bought it
from before he Changed his name to FUNNY SH#T

Here is the code I received and me entering the code and the code saying it
dose not work and there is also a picture of my steam library so you can
see I do not have mortal kombat komplete
There is also a pic of my game flip purchases which also say I have not
made any when in fact as you can see the other pictures indeed say I
Well here is everything I could possibly send to prove I got scammed so I
can get my money back and buy the game I wanted that actually works please
help and have a nice day

Will you guys be responding fast?

well let me know whats up

so did yall check into this

i see no one still has helped me with this issue even though there is 100% proof i got ripped off anyway this sucks…nothing you can do about it shop at your own risk

Wow takes this long to respond to something with proof? Once again I want my money back or the code for steam for mortal kombat komplete what’s so hard about that?

Hey, sorry for the late answer.

But the support team told me and (after checking the request) that they asked for your invite code and you ignored them.

Without the information asked, they won’t be able to help you.

Please reply to them so they can help you further.


hey sorry i almost gave up thinking noone waas going to respond im new to
gameflip dont know alot about how it works but here is my invite code just
found it was under my name on my profile 94XEGX but as you can see in the
pictures ive sent you that theres nothing and the emails clearly say ive
bough it anyway i dont know who id send that code to so can you do it for
me or tell me exactly who ifso thanks man

Hi, I was also scammed but haven’t recieved any intel on the issue, the seller clearly scammed me and other people, i have provided enough evidence and want to get my money back, but as i said haven’t recieved a response from support. Please help!