Scammer by seller :(

Guys I got big problem 1st time (that’s why I made this forum account lol).
I bought card from seller and he sent me used alrdy code so I instantly opened dispute as I should.
But today it’s 7 DAYS after I did it and gameflip does no response. Seller does not response…
What can I do ?
Inv code : WHAUYQ
Purchase ID : 4d69f15a-8425-47c5-b302-b414d62b33f1
Ticket : 377623
Mby someone got mobile phone number to Gameflip ? :smiley:
Have a nice day !

Please stop creating new forum accounts and creating new topics. 1 topic would be enough.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I won’t do it but my previous account was restricted and I was unable to add reply

Please guys can someone help me ? :frowning:

Already answered you in another topic. This will be resolved via ticket.

Thank you.