Please help no response from Gameflip

I have been trying to resolve an issue and I don’t know where to turn cause game flip is giving absolutely NO REPONSE (besides a cold humanless computer auto reply of the Gameflip return policy) I got scammed and I don’t even know where to go for help the seller I am not able to contact now and I can’t leave any comments on his page to at least warn other victims I don’t know whether Gameflip is protecting this scammer or if they just don’t have much regard for honest people but this is upsetting because I just started using Gameflip and thought it was a service I could trust. The seller must have “confirmed delivery” when we were in communication and I wouldn’t notice then he gave me the run around for a few days until the auto rate “feature” kicked in when I realized the “sale” was complete the conversation was closed and I could not contact the seller. So if anything I didn’t receive the product as described BECAUSE I DIDNT RECIEVE ANYTHING. If there is any one out there that can inform me on where or what I could do for some resolution on this please HELP. The only response I got from Gameflip was an auto response restating the Gameflip guarantee which there should be warnings or better notifications on to win a seller has confirmed sale for an item without the other party knowing. I was obviously scammed and me being a New user of Gameflip Kaina said to me the wrong way to where I would not want to promote anyone using this service.

Order id 904db2e7-5f48-48c2-ad4e-d8db8905f15e


I was able to check your exchange. Unfortunately I can’t help you regarding your refund. The transaction is completed, so no refunds are possible.

But I could do something about the seller. I was able to suspended him, thans for the report.


Ok thanks DunnBiscuit I appreciate the reply this is very confusing and disappointing.