[RESOLVED] Once again, I was scammed on gameflip

I’m gonna make this post for 2 separate occasions of me being ‘scammed’. So the first one involved a heatwave on rocket league for Xbox one. I bought it as listed for $25 and the seller proceeded to tell me it was listed by ‘accident’ and he was not going to deliver the item to me. This one has been on dispute for 6 or 7 days. And another incident that literally just happened, I bought purple voltaics on rocket league for Xbox one for $19. The seller also marked it as shipped and did not ship me my item. He told me he sold the item before I bought it even though he told me he still had it. I was now scammed $44 dollars and I am in desperate need of my compensation. I have screenshots of Gameflip chat that provide evidence (although in the first incident involved swear words) thanks for the help


hey i recently ordered something and the buyer isnt responding or anything can you guys cancel this transaction?

@RGTheWhale I’m sorry to hear about that, but you were not scammed. If you placed a dispute on the transactions and they seller did not deliver the item or is attempting a scam, you will receive your funds back. That’s the promise of our Gameflip Guarantee.

Have you got a response from support? We recently had a great influx of tickets opened, so the wait is longer than normal but we should be taking care of your claim soon.

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@Paul_John On the listing, how many days did the seller specified that the item would be delivered?

First, wait until this period runs out. Then wait another 24h to be allowed to cancel your purchase.

If the seller have marked the item as shipped, please place a dispute and support will take care of your issue.

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i got the automated response for the first one but no. its been 6 days

@op_JOkEr is there anyway to speed the process up? ive waited more than the listed time

Appreciate your help and quick responses but this seller isnt responding or anything and he a new user so he probabaly logged out or something

I can try to help if you send me your invite code.

hi and thanks for replying. The second case has been reviewed and refunded but i am still waiting for help on the first case which happened 9 days ago. My invite code is 1HPMVL

I believe it’s resolved now. Let me know if you’re still in need of help.

thank you soooo much <3

You’re welcome!