Got Scammed, no response from GameFlip

I got scammed on a purchase, they marked the sale as complete then wasted time until i missed the dispute window, they never sent the item. After the seller deleted his account. I tried opening a support ticket but haven’t heard from GF in about a week. Am I screwed?

UPDATE: the topic was closed so I cant respond? my invite code is VRT8ZK

So to be clear since I was scammed by a user that you banned for scamming, I am not entitled to the GameFlip Guarentee?

You had 3 days to open a dispute after the seller marks the item as delivered, otherwise the system auto-rates; when both buyer and seller have rated each other then the sale is final. It’s not possible for a user to delete their own account, you’re probably seeing a “user not found” in their profile page because they were banned.

Leave your invite code in case a moderator can help you.

Just in case it helps
Your Code: VRT8ZK

Hello, I just answered your ticket. We will continue any other conversation over there

Thank you.