I can't seem to figure out what to do (urgent)

So I have been having trouble with my purchase of pubg, I am certain the seller is scamming me and I’m not sure how to open the dispute. It says on the help page it will auto-rate after 3 days of the purchase if I don’t. Also, I have not received the item yet and it has been well after the delivery date, the seller has not once contacted me at all. If anyone can help me figure out what to do it would be great.


Dear Sir or Madam,

since this is only the Gameflip Forum, i would recommend to create a support ticket for this problem.
Almost same thing happened to me, but just the other way around.
Buyers added me over a “scamming” account and ripped my items.
I created a case and I am now waiting for a answer from gameflips side (2-4 days for an answer)

Only thing i can say is that you should do the same thing and hope that gameflip will refund your money.

Best Regards,


It now gives me an option to cancel order but Gameflip has suspended my account for no reason, I did nothing wrong

I would still consider to open a support ticket for this problem

But you probably have to wait the 2 days, if you dont want to than i guess you can’t be helped
I opened a support ticket because i got scammed for around 120$ so i am definitly going to wait the 2-4 days

Hey guys, please do open the support tickets. When you do so, send them via PM to me so I can personally check them for you. Thanks!