No Word From Support After 2 weeks

So I recently made a purchase on Gameflip and had some trouble with the seller claiming the item was one thing when it wasn’t actually. So I contacted support about the item being falsely advertised after the seller stopped responding to messages despite my attempts to work things out. Gameflip sent me the standard auto response about “Thanks for letting us know about the issue, make sure to put the transaction on hold, etc” but afterwords I have had no response from them. It has been two weeks since I opened my ticket and I am wondering if this is normal or if I have been forgotten or if something is wrong? If there are any moderators or admins that can help, the ticket id number is #193419.

Support just got back to me, I guess it just takes a very long time.

Was your problem resolved?

Yes, I’m not sure if this post had anything to do with it but within 24 hours of posting this they resolved the issue. Guessing they are just short staffed in the support department or something.