Gameflip Help team didn't reply my support ticket for more than 2 weeks now. What should I do?

Hello there,

I opened a follow-up purchase dispute ticket on Gameflip Help Center since May 8. Gameflip Help team has replied back on May 14 and 16, requesting additional info and awaiting for the seller’s response. I submitted the info right after that, but didn’t received the response from Gameflip Help since then. What should I do in this circumstance? I understand that the support team is affected by the pandemic but how long should I keep waiting for this?

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Have you tried replying back recently to get their attention? If you have and still have gotten no reply, you can try creating a new ticket and referencing your support ticket number/id to tell them that your issue has not been resolved.


You should message a Mod directly on forums about it since Support haven’t replied. (Only in such a situation where they haven’t reply after a long time, not everytime when faced with problems) @DarkKnight, @MajorTom
You have the ‘Basic’ Badge so you are able to message directly.
You will need to tell them your Ticket ID , Invite code and the transaction ID of ur purchase.
Messaging works like this -

Alternatively, you can do this as suggested VVV

Write a message/reply back in the ticket like ‘How is the progress?’ Or ‘Any Updates?’

Just an example how you can check your ticket aside from email -

You can check the last activity which means when they last checked the ticket as well as status.

It really depends I guess. I don’t think there’s a EWT nowadays but you could try to do both of the above first.


Yes, I replied back to them a couple times but still have no response until now. I will keep waiting until this week before I attempt to create another service ticket. (But my current ticket severity has been marked as “Urgent” since May 14 so I doubt that create another service ticket will help get their attention)

I will try to do this. Thank you for your suggestion.


Darn, well I hope all goes well!

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Hello Foolboy,

I’ve found your ticket here and just talked with the support team.

They are working on your issue.


Hello again,

Gameflip Help has finally reviewed my dispute case and the ticket has been successfully resolved. Thank you @nfsjayiscool, @Sparkling_Juice and @MajorTom for your help.