Support Ticket languished

I have put in a support ticket that appears to have been marked as “High” for priority, but not activity has occurred since. I am being told that a code I purchased for Google Play is redeemed (the seller admits this) and that I must give my email address (sending outside the site) in order for it to be transferred (this is not actually possible to do).

I have both held and escalated the transaction, and I have put in a support ticket for the same.

The time of all of this was 2 days ago. I do not want to be victim to automatically giving the seller money when I received nothing. Can someone official help?

To add to this so I don’t sound too harsh, it is entirely possible the seller is acting in good faith here, but I hope one can understand why I don’t trust it. I would like to resolve this matter within Gameflip, and I am concerned that an attempt to communicate outside of the site, however well intentioned that might be, will invalidate my ability to resolve the matter if it is a bad faith effort.

The seller claims to have been in contact with Gameflip support. I have reason to be skeptical as I have received no communication myself.

remember to put down order id and invite code, it allows the mods in the forum to assist u easier

Can you share the ticket number via PM so I can check it and help you further?


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