Problem with the seller.

I bought an item in rocket league - steam and this guy said that he delivered it right as I purchased it, it was not an accident and I contacted support 6 days ago, What should I do no?

Oh my god? They didn’t respond you in 6 days? Really? Oh my God! I guess I will have to wait too much to get my 49$ back :frowning:

@Highstroy @DaddyFastTrades have you contacted Gameflip support to explain your problems in detail, provide screenshots and add your friend invite code?

Can any1 help with my topics gameflip is doing so bad now cant believe it

@Highstroy, can you please send me your Ticket number so I can look into this further?


If it is not that one then you can help me point out where i can find it and i can tell you, And I made the purchase on hold so it does not auto rate.

This is it, 125551.

Hey @Highstroy , your ticker has been reviewed and solved.