Seller is attempting to scam me

I purchased a Rocket League item on here recently, and the seller never added me or attempted to contact me before marking the item as delivered. I bought the item over a week ago, and I still have not heard anything from Gameflip regarding a refund to my account. I flagged the transaction immediately since the seller said he added me already. If he hasn’t provided proof to the support team, how is my transaction still on hold? He obviously has no proof of sending me the item since I never even recieved a friend request from him/her.

C’mon gameflip, I’ve had plenty of easy, successful transactions on the site. Issues like this need to get resolved more quickly.

edit: can a moderator message me? I cant find the message function for the life of me

Hi, sorry this is happening to you. Have you contacted support and provided screenshots of the seller’s lack of communication and friend request? You should also provide your Gameflip invite code so that when a moderator sees your message, they can locate your account and look into your issue for you. Good luck!

Can any1 please help me out

Hey, please send me your ticket number via PM so I can personally take care of it. Thank you!