Rocket League 180 dollar scam :(

So I bought a white Apex for 180.00 on Gameflip and before I could ask seller for his psn ID he marked it as delivered. So I messaged him and asked him why he marked it as delivered he said he pressed the button by accident and that he was out of town for 3 days and when he gets home he would deliver it, 5 hours before it was going to finalize I messaged him again and he didn’t respond. Game flip marked our transaction as completed and automatically rated him as good. I opened a dispute with Game Flip that I didn’t receive the item and wanted a refund but I have not heard back from them whether I will get a refund or not and as far As I know they have no phone number where u can call them…you can only email them. I never rated the seller because I never received the item. And I opened a dispute as soon as seller marked it as delivered because it seemed like a me. I was hoping that because I had reported to gameflip about this incident in time they will take some action and put my payment on hold but instead they sent this scammer the money . I am so upset after seeing this that even though I was careful someone very easily could scam me in this website. My question still remains …will I ever get my money back ? Or should I leave this website for forever and warn other people over Reddit that this website is not good for buyers. Whetever but I lost my money and the worst part is that not even one single authorized person from gameflip replied back to me yet.

My invite code is : NL6U4L
Ticket no. 1 - 250080
Ticket no. 2 - 251908

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sorry to hear that, but u had the chance to dispute it and put the order on hold anytime before it was automatic rated after 3 days , why u didn’t :frowning:

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Your ticket is probably still in queue, if it’s not answered yet you can private message a mod directly. You should be able to get your money back.

Next time if you see a suspicious seller like that, open a dispute before the 3 day auto-rate time expires, because opening a dispute stops the auto-rate.

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I filed a dispute, I have record and they gave me a ticket number as well, i was just waiting that they will reply me soon and help me in this case. But they are liar, they said that their customer service works 24x7 and 365 days but they never respond me otherwise you imagine i would have save my money easily. They don’t have any contact number which is the easiest and fastest way to get help. In my opinion this website is supporting scammer.

Hello man.

As I just checked, you never opened a dispute regarding your transaction.

In one ticket you reported the listing and the other you just created and reported the issue which doesn’t stop the 3 days automatic rating.

In order to check how to properly open a dispute and stop the 3 days rating countdown, please check the link below:

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do since the transaction is already completed. I’ll answer your ticket.

Thank you.

I sent a private message to moderator, but he didn’t reply me yet. I hate they are so slow and their customer service is the worst I have ever seen in my life. They don’t have customer care number. A company who is making good money but doesn’t want to provide a customer service phone number for them to call when issues arise makes no sense to me. Because they don’t want a good name ? or they don’t really care if someone looses their money… they are forcing buyer to read their guidelines then what about those guidelines that every buyer and seller has to follow while they are transferring item. This seller never ever asked me my PSN ID, He has no record that he delivered me the item, He never confirmed any order id in game. I never rated the seller because i know that he was trying to scam me. I just don’t know WHY THIS SCAMFLIP DIDN’T PUT MY MONEY ON HOLD AND TRY TO CONTACT ME AND THE SELLER BEFORE RELEASING THE FUNDS. I have 77 positive reviews. I always try to make a good name and build good relation with my customers in this website. They ignored everything man… They ignored the chat that I had with this seller. They have all records everything is in their server or app. They can check everything but it seems they are to lazy too . They act like they don’t care. $180 dollar is alot for money for me may be for some people its nothing. I lost it not because it was my fault but because I complained about it instantly but they never responded to me on time. They are scammer in my eye. The policy and rules are completely bullshit any one easily breaking it and its either in the favor of the seller or in the favor of game flip but there is no buyer protection… Their website is full of scammers. Everyday I have seen new customer are getting scammed. Its not like they can’t stop it, but it clearly shows they don’t really care. A place called reddit and ebay is much safer then this bullshit website.

what about 250080 ? why you never replied me on that ? its the original one the one that i made on april 29th same day as the trade.

My question is why did you never respond in time ? if you would have replied me on time i could have done it in right way and it would stop the timer. :frowning:

All tickets goes to a queue, it may take a few days to get answered since we have a large influx of tickets right now.

Regardless of that, if you had opened the dispute properly, the countdown would’ve stopped as said even without an answer from us.

Gameflip doesn’t work with support via phone number. only via tickets and here, our Forum.

you have all the proof man and seller never asked me my psn id in chat box, he has no proof that he traded item with me. did you guy take any action against him ? i guess no. well why isn’t the part of your guideliness ?

We really do care, but unfortunately the users usually don’t read our guidelines and/or ToS.

Please check the link below for our Gameflip Guarantee:

Thank you.

Since the transaction is completed, no refunds can be issue.

I’ll though, investigate the seller’s account regarding this situation.

if you really care why don’t you just provide one contact number so that new user can contact you guys easily. there are so many people don’t read every guidelines all the time. Why don’t you put money on hold, if you noticed that buyer didn’t accepted or rated seller. I paid money i lost it… if i m lying you have right you suspend my account. But you see there are proof in the chat that i had with seller.

I just answered your ticket and sent you a useful information that might help you get the item, if you are able to contact the seller.

Even if we had a contact number, the users must read the guidlines so they can know how the site properly works.

If you provide a contact number. I could contact you and get help real quick… or you just better put the money on hold if buyer didn’t rate the seller and investigate the matter so no one get scammed that easily. I have noticed that scammer found a easy loop hole and now they are scamming trusted people.

You just told me that i should read all the guidelines what about seller did he follow all the rules ? Did he ask buyer his Gamer ID, Did he keep any screenshot for further investigation ? nothing

He knew this loop hole and he was aware that gameflip customer support is slow they won’t take any action fast… if i didn’t open a dispute i still complaint against seller but you guys never replied on time otherwise i would have saved my money… Do you agree on that ? Keep supporting all the scammer sir good luck… Its not scammer who scammed its you guys who helping those people to scam us

I tried to contact seller but he already blocked me. Thank you for your awesome support… I just learned that there is easiest way to get scammed and make handsome income because Gameflip support is supporting scammer only. They have no power to take action against these people.


I saw you sent me a PM, I’ll check it shortly and will answer you there.

Thank you.