Buyer will not Complete Transaction upon receiving his Purchase, and makes Dispute!


Your loyal Gameflip seller here. This is my Profile Code: ESEFZ1

A Gameflip user by the name July S will not Complete his Transaction upon receiving his purchase. July S Gameflip profile link:
And his Steam user is BuzzLyrica, profile link:

July S purchases a Rocket League item from me, i delivery his purchase instantly the very same day. He receives his item and will not complete the Transaction of his order. 2 days go by, he puts it under dispute.

He’s clearly attempting to scam me, I’ve provided all the screen shot evidence of him receiving his purchase.

I’ve checked his Gameflip profile reviews and it looks like he’s done this to other Sellers before.


As soon as July S purchases his rocket league item, i checked his reviews… and, i knew i was in for some trouble. He’s done this to other people before. (Check screen shot below)

Upon being suspicious of him, after he received his item, i started to post screen shots of him receiving his item in the message box. (See screen shots below)

2 days later, he puts the purchase on dispute. He’s clearly attempting to scam me. SO, i provided the same screen shots of him receiving his purchase in the dispute section. (As seen in screen shots below)

I hope Gameflip resolves my issue as soon as possible.


To anyone who thinks they can scam Sellers on Gameflip. Just a heads up, we screen shot and also screen record all of our Sales :)))))))))


The people we have to deal with, I don’t understand the mindset of some buyers like the one you showed, do they really think they’re going to get away with it? :man_facepalming:t2:


Unfortunately this happens quite often but I sleep fine at night knowing I have the proof of the transaction.

The only bright side of this situation. is it helps me appreciate every smooth transaction.

Best of luck! :grin:

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Tell me about it… ugh, it drives me mental.

Admins help me out please :frowning:


I just had the same thing happen to me, I delivered the item and sent it via my end on the gameflip app. 2 hours later and the buyer asks me for a refund? Lol. Definitely blocking this kid after approval I’m only worried about receiving a negative review lol.

Code: 7WHUHN
Order: 127ce855-54c2-408b-98ea-f1e59ac5e9e1

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Lol also says he will get me banned if I don’t refund him, common attempt to persuade a seller to cancel the order over fear of losing the ability to sell. This member has two purchases and 0 sales on gameflip vs. my 200+ positive reviews. Problem is I’ve already sent the item I can no longer avoid a negative review or him sending it to disputes. Frustrating.

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Hello @SimplyLeet,

Sorry for the wait and inconvenience this has caused.

I have verified the case with the Support Team and after verifying everything, the dispute was completed in your favor.

Have an awesome day!

Hey @Mikesmith1331!

I will check your case as well and give a response asap.

God Speed! :trident:


Hi boss , Can u Check your Dm @DarkKnight

Thanks for the response I had finally gotten down to the fact that he says “oh just kidding” after an hour of harassment to cancel the order and now I just wait until it auto approves. Seriously, this is dumb. Users should be punished for that.



And… at this very moment he knew, he f**ked up. LOL. Galaxy Doge is in panic mode, and he’s looking for a way out as he scrambles, screeches and panics while typing up excuses to get himself out of a situation he can’t get out of. Haha ha

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go get him. show these childish scammers who’s boss.

Lol yup, i seriously get this more often than I’d like to

The struggle…

At this point even if it went to disputes he lost just for for that

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Buyers like this should not be allowed on gameflip, literally a report option for scams or attempt to scam lol

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Even if that becomes an option, these scammers will always find a way. What’s best in our interest, is if Gameflip favors the Seller over the Buyer… Which in this case, sadly, Gameflip favors the Buyers over the Sellers.

Don’t worry most selling related apps do, fiverr canceled one of my orders because some guy pretended to be a child and reported to customer service that it was a kid using his parents card without authorization. So they refunded 35$ worth of items back to his account and I was out all of my items lol