Seller wont transfer item until after getting their money

Hi i just purchased an item for rocket league on PS4 and the seller i just bought from is refusing to transfer the item to me until I release him the money in gameflip. There is also a language barrier between us but I have been using google translate to help myself understand. Anyways that is the situation. What can i do?

A normal transaction should be like this:

  1. You press “Buy”, fill in payment, press “Place Your Order”.
  2. Seller gets notified that it is sold, goes into game, contacts you, and delivers the item.
  3. You received the item, seller clicks on “I’ve delivered the item”.
  4. You rate the seller, seller rates you, the transaction is complete and final.

When you said “release him the money in gameflip”, I’m guessing you mean to rate him? Because rating him completes the transaction and he gets the money. But you have not received the item! If the seller still does not deliver, you should open a dispute.

This could be a translation misunderstanding, so if your conversation does not have private/personal information, could you give a screenshot of what the seller said in the messages?

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invite code: U69WVE

i opened a dispute because the seller still refuses to deliver the item until after receiving a rating.

Yep, that’s the right thing to do!

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can the seller cancel the transaction to avoid this whole dispute process?

Yes, he can. I guess in your case, he didn’t want to.

Perfect! I love difficult people


As I checked, your issue is solved already. If not, please let me know via PM thank you.

I’ve actually had this happen, in my case the seller didn’t understand that the game was holding his cash not me. I can see why he wouldn’t want to hit delivered if he thinks you have to pay after you physically received it.
I explained it a bit to him and he figured it out.