Seller not sending item in coordinated transfer

Normally I usually buy bot trade CSGO items here on Gameflip with no issues at the right prices, but I decided to snag another knife priced way under cost in a coordinated transfer (should have known). I paid immediately per PayPal, the seller changed the status to item shipped instantly, therefore I cannot cancel the order. I have tried to contact the seller, gave him my steam profile, etc. The only thing he ever said to me was “opa” upon purchase and I have no idea what that means and have had no communication since after attempts to do so. Usually it takes 5 minutes to trade some one and item in steam. There was no mention of a trade hold. I have opened up a dispute, sent emails, have pictures of my last trade offers in steam, etc. It’s not about the loss of money, it’s about general principle. It is almost like someone can list that they have a FN Karambit Black Pearl doppler (1k+), ready to transfer, and boom they walk off with your cash.

Has anyone else ever had this issue with coordinated transfers on Gameflip with no response from the company? I really don’t want to do a charge back and jack everything up.


Item ID 1728c0cd-2cd0-47e5-ae73-fbf1fe8f15dd
Email support number(269088)

The seller only gets your money after both of you rate each other; the dispute stops this. Just wait for support to look over your case (which is in a queue) and issue you a refund (2-7 days). If you do a chargeback you may get suspended, because Gameflip has to pay for that chargeback.

The moderators check the forum daily and will look over your case using those order ID and support ticket number. If you don’t have those next time you can just leave your invite code.

Hello! I was able to check it and help you by cancelling the purchase.

Thank you.


The seller hasn’t given me a code in more than two days can you cancel it for me pls @DunnBiscuit
Invite code XD49NE has been resolved