I did not yet recieve my money!

Guys i sold my CSGO skin to lelek,he bought it and i send him the trade and he accepted the and also confirmed it , then i got notified that i would receive my money in 1 to 2 hours but i have not yet received it and in my wallet it says 0 pending i sold it for $4.25 its not a lot but its quite valuable for me…In mistake i also deleted my notifications now iam unaware of any tracking this was my first time using Gameflip plz help me out!!

Can you link me to the listing?

dude i cant find it…my sold item is not coming up on the listing…infact the one that i cancelled earlier is cming
I can send u a screen shot of steam that he accepted my trade offer

Can I have a link to your profile then?

it shows sold to the one which i cancelled!!!

can ya help dude?

If you received the “Notification” in your listing’s comment section, that was a scammer message.
https://gameflip.com/listings/sold is where you check if your item has sold. If you received an email from Gameflip, make sure the from address is no-reply@gameflip.com

It looks like you made a coordinated transfer (not an automatic bot trade), so you should read this help guide (even though it’s for Rocket League the cautionary steps are the same).

bro on my listing/sold i get the one which i cancelled not the one which i actually sold!! and yes i have been receiving from the exact email u mentioned.

Let me make it clear first a guy bought my skin but i had put on the wrong price i cancelled the transaction( i did receive an email) second i put it up for sale it was bought by lelek but never got email just had an notification on the site

The buyer and you (the seller) have to rate each other to complete the sale, then you’ll receive the money. For a moderator to help you they’ll need your invite code or the order ID.

plz help me through how to rate each other i can give u my invite code here

Go to https://gameflip.com/listings/sold and click on exchange you made, there should be three smiley faces for you to rate the buyer. If they buyer hasn’t rated you, it will happen automatically after 3 days and you’ll receive the money, unless the buyer opens a dispute.

Brother iam not getting the one i sold iam only getting the one i cancelled in the SOLD section,iam not getting the transaction which i did with lelek,Iam getting the cancelled one only!!!

You’ll need to contact support@gameflip.com (1-3 days) or wait for a forum moderator (24 hours) because they can look in your account to see the exchanges.

Thanks bro really appreciate your help…ill wait and hope for the best!! and wanna tell the mods that guy after getting the item straight up blocked me up on steam

Hello mate,

Can you tell me the exact name of the item you were selling, or the link to the listing so I can check it further?

As far as I checked, the only item you sold is the one you cancelled after. The other listings weren’t sold.

https://forums.steamrep.com/threads/report-76561198083781559-csgo-counter-strike-global-offensive-items.183778/ 2

He is the one dude…i sold him my AK 47 Cartel FT for $4.25
Steam name lelek and Steam username Lelek1

I want to add in regarding listing i cant even under stand why iam i not getting the actual one i sold to lelek…If u want the steam trade screen shot i can provide it to u!

Are u a mod dude…if so plz help me out dude i need my money brooo!!! its my first time using gameflip ever what an experience !!


The only sold item from you is the AK 47 Cartel FT, but as I checked you cancelled it under the reason of:

mate i calculated the price of stickers price is much higher…

Since you cancelled the transaction, I can’t help you further.

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