Been more then 12hours yet not got my money!!!

Guys i sold my CSGO skin to lelek,he bought it and i send him the trade and he accepted the and also confirmed it , then i got notified that i would receive my money in 1 to 2 hours but i have not yet received it and in my wallet it says 0 pending i sold it for $4.25 its not a lot but its quite valuable for me…In mistake i also deleted my notifications now iam unaware of any tracking this was my first time using Gameflip plz help me out!!

Can you link his Gameflip profile here for others to know? I just found this on other forum, looks like it’s a same guy.

Where were you notified about initial purchase? Where did he confirm the transaction? You should be more precise.

I hope moderator will answer you soon.

Bro he is the one!!! Exact. yes i was notified about initial purchase and after he said he confirmed i got message of saying that i will receive my money in an hour or 2

I don’t think Gameflip ever tells you “you will receive your money in an hour or 2”. The money is transferred to the seller instantly when both users have rated each other. Where did you get this message?

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I sold my item for the first time on gameflip!!!..i got the message on comments!

Scammers usually prey on sellers with 0 or very low feedback score (new users). The comments are manufactured to look official, with the scammer changing their user avatar to the Gameflip logo and their display name to something like “Sell Confirmation”. There’s a warning message above the comments but unfortunately many users fall for the scammers’ deception.

As for your item, there can’t be a refund because that scammer did not pay for anything. What happened was that you were deceived into giving an item to someone for free.

Great…such an huge website can’t tackle scammers!!