sold an item, no money yet

sold an item the other day and it said once the buyer confirmed the purchase i would have my money in 1 - 2 days and well now its nearly 3 days later and no money in either my gameflip account or my paypal account, not entirely sure how gameflip works but this is ■■■■■■■ ridiculous…unless i get my money so ill never use gameflip again

Can you post a picture of the confirmation you got?

well i dont have any email confirmation the only confirmation i had received on my now deleted item listing was that the buyer had confirmed the purchase and that i would have the money in 1 - 2 days

It sounds like you might have gotten scammed by a user in the comment section.
If it looked something like this

Then yeah there’s nothing Gameflip can do for you except suspend that user.
Thats why theres a warning above the comment section
" Caution: Comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings."

yea i think i got scammed…F*CK…

I’m sorry to hear about that! If you can find the user that scammed you make sure to report them so Gameflip can ban them.