I have been scammed can someone help me here

I have recently been scammed on my last bundle i sold i delievered the items and he made a dispute i was wondering if i could get help here or not there is proof in the chat that he was trying to scam me because he kept trying to get me to cancel and he even said he would give me my items back if i cancel i know he wouldnt though anyone here that can help me

just take picture of the chat, and the screenshots of the trade and just post them on the message box of the order, let him open the dispute, gameflip will help, unless you didn’t take screenshots of the trade then i just suggest you to cancel and take the risk cuz gameflip won’t be able to help without a trade proof

Hello! Please send me a PM with every proof that you have regadring delivering the items.

Also, send me your invite code and the transaction ID. I’ll be able to provide you further help.


Hello i know its been a while since i made that form but i still have not received the money first of all he said some suspicious things in the chat ex: saying he will give me my items back if i cancel the order and gameflip even emailed me saying that a 3 day auto rate had been intiated its been four days since they said they said they marked it as received and i havent received my money it only let me attach one image so i attached the email

and the order id is: 545aa278-d506-4c04-b4f8-92fe4c3cd6bc my invite code is: QUY4NK

I have think i have been scammed aswell. I am not sure because i am new with gameflip. But it said u have ur cash in 1-2 hrs and its 3 hrs later and i didnt got anything please help

Is there someone that goes by the name of sale confirmation that commented on your listing or you actually had a notification saying someone bought your item? If it’s on your order notification you will have your money. I think sometimes there is a delay for certain items ( I’m not really sure since I only sell fortnite items ) ( ps : sorry if it’s not too clear I originally don’t speak english :slight_smile: ) I hope it can help you a little bit

Merlijn . You have scammed bro ! You send item to scam , m4a1s cyrex correct ?

This was what i got, so i thought i should get my money in 1-2 hours but its 13 hours and i havent got anything. I am new so i dont know whats going on.

happens that you have been stolen, gameflip never comments on lists, when you sell an item it gets sold status in your listings. in your painel control de listings

What do mean? I dont understand your bad english sorry.

Fk how can i fix this?

The message you received is actually a user’s comment. You delivered an item to someone who never paid for it.

To check if your item was actually sold go to the Listings page > Sold tab and see if that one listing has the “SOLD” ribbon over it. Please read this selling guide to avoid scammers.

Rip me, i just lost a 106 gravedigger full durability, 1000 sleek, 600 malachite 50.000 metal, 200 coal… fk this whole gameflip its just one big scam

The site moderators ban the scammer/impersonators when they see them, but they can’t catch them all. As a seller you should also protect yourself by reading the selling guides beforehand.

In your screenshot there is a warning that Gameflip doesn’t write comments in the listing, did you not read the warning, or did the scammer’s message look too legitimate? Do you have suggestions to make it more obvious that the scam messages are actually comments by regular users?

Man, i am just new around here, i thought i could trust people on gameflip. I just lost so much rare stuff. How can i get in touch with mods?

The moderators look at the forum daily. If you want to private message them, that feature has to be unlocked first by browsing the forum for 15+ minutes so you see a “Basic” badge in your profile, then you’ll see the message button when going to the moderator’s profile.

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