i think i got scammed please help!

Before starting im sorry if its the wrong forum.

im worried i got scammed by someone named DantheMiner134.
i sold Rocket league Grey voltaic wheel (in game item) and i got that massage:

Your item has been purchased by “DantheMiner134” you have 1 day(s) to deliver the item, You have to add the person (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198259273805/) and after “DantheMiner134” receives the Item(s) deliver the items you’ll receive the money.

i sent him the item and after few hours i realized few things.
i asked him questions as “link me to your store” and he said he cant
im very worried and 1 more thing, on that comment i wrote up it was like title said “payment information”.
and its an account named payment information so its like a fake massage from gameflip, and then i saw this:

“Caution: Comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.”

and then i realized i got scammed, i think
is there any way to get the money??
the link for this guy is

please help
im really worried now

Sorry for you. You got scammed. This guy tried to scam me too. But I know how gameflip work. I contacted support, but he still creating new account and try to scam people.

this is your fault, no needed contact support just let it go. you know is already there caution said “Caution: Comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.”

and im just laugh when scammer written comment like that, and amazing you sent your item…
im so sorry for you dude, just let it go

you more easy when now already there caution said like that. when a long time ago that caution warning not yet created, and scammer come to my listing and said like that, im just laugh then reply the scammer, gtfo scammer, easy right ?

man its not that obvious when he writes that comment and the warning is on so tiny letters, i think they should make the warning bigger and easier to see.
i mean, i know its my fault but its should be more easy to see the warning.
thanks for responding anyway
and i got keys left on my inventory, so im good
good day!

although there is no warning, you should know how to protect yourself, such as protecting yourself in real life. rather than waiting, depending on the person who is willing to help or like waiting for the police when you are dealing with the bad guy. maybe this can be used as your experience for the future. good day

You aren’t the first. They’ve tried to add notes around the site to prevent this. You should report the account so GF can ban it. Ignore gulo, he’s an illiterate jerk. Sorry this happened to you.

I just now experienced this, but have not given in to it.

This is scammer, gameflip never write comments.

Unfortunately in this case there isn’t much that can be done. You were gullible and failed to read the warning that Gameflip will never comment on your listing. The words aren’t small, they are the same size as any other comment. Take this as a lesson to be attentive and learn how something works before diving into it. The best you can do now is report them and get them suspended.

I didn’t actually give into it. The sale is still up and the comment has been removed by Gameflip since I contacted them. I made sure to read the label and everything before even viewing the link.