Not sure if I got scammed

I was selling a rocketleague item and dude bought. I am new but before he bought it he told me to put my gamertag in the comment section so i did than he bought the item than random guy with 0 gamerscore says he the guy so I gave it to him than moments later I go to gameflip to realize that wasnt the guy so he puts me on hold .I just want to know if there’s a scam where they ask u to put your gamertag first than they buy . btw his acc is 1 month old and he asking me to refund him which i cant cause its on hold

You should read the help articles before selling, here’s one for selling Rocket League items.

When the buyer buys something they are asked to write in their GamerTag in the order form, so when they’ve purchased it that GamerTag will be shown to you in the order page (not the listing page or the comments section) so you know whom to send it to.

If someone purchased your item it would appear on
If someone asks for your info or tells you to deliver in the comments section like this or this then it’s a scammer.

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Anyway I can get help than cause this is guy asking me to to cancel

If I understood your post correctly, you delivered the item to the wrong person (possibly a scammer), and now the actual buyer who paid for your item is asking you to cancel it? If so then you should cancel the order and state the reason as a mistaken delivery. Don’t worry about the warning about “too many cancellations”.

If you don’t see the cancel button, because you already marked the item as delivered, then you can ask the buyer to open a dispute so an admin can cancel the order, or you can post your profile code so a forum moderator can cancel the order for you.

So I asked why did he asked me for my gamertag in comment section and he is completely ignoring me and just saying that I made the mistake. He wants me to just cancel the order is there really nothing I can do to proof he is a scammed?

Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve been scammed. Gameflip warns people not to give out their Steam or Game ID (e.g. Gamertag) in the comment section that some people may not notice:


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Exactly! Some people are really cheap these days.

So there’s nothing I can do like report the guy or something?

You can open a Ticket/Dispute and Gameflip should investigate it.

At the very least the person who you sent the item to should be banned.