Scammer marked item as delivered when he hasnt

I bought a tw octane from a seller on gameflip

He has added me as a friend after I gave him my friend code, he asked my in game name, which is fine.

He has marked the octane as shipped and asking me to rate, I told him him he hasn’t delivered the octane or invited me yet so I am not accepting the sale

He has sent me a picture of him delivering the octane to a 2nd account with my in game name as the same, and is telling me rate him so he gets paid.

This is clearly a scam, and I have escalated it, but it’s telling me to submit evidence and they will decide, there is nowhere for me to submit evidence and I don’t have any evidence as the trade never happened and he won’t accept my invites.

Surely it cant be as simple as someone making a 2nd account with same in game name and posting a pic of them aparrantly getting the item?

Can any gameflip support help?

From the dispute help article:

  • Fullscreen and uncropped screenshot of your account trade history from the time of the trade until the moment the dispute is opened;
  • If available, screenshot of any chat logs between you and the seller in-game;

It seems like Rocket League doesn’t have a trade history feature, so you may need to send the screenshots of your chat with the seller (if they were outside Gameflip’s exchange messages system). What platform are you trading on? From reading the Rocket League subreddit, the game uses one’s platform username, and for Steam a person can easily change the username, while XBox/PlayStation name changes cost money.

The moderators may need your invite code and Order ID in order to help you.

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Hi thanks for your reply

I am on Nintendo Switch

There is no screenshot of the in game interactions as there was no none, he added me as a friend and never went any further than that.

He wouldn’t accept my invites, marked the item as delivered and said please rate me

Posted me some blurry pic with a trade window saying he delivered it, but it’s obviously a 2nd account with same name as mine.

I have screenshot of the in gameflip messaging as that’s the only way we communicated as he wouldn’t accept my in game invites.

I can’t add screenshots it just says escalate the dispute?
Any ideas thanks

it’s telling me to submit evidence

What is “it”? An email from Gameflip? A label on the website? If you escalated already then you can optionally submit more evidence/screenshot from the exchange page’s support tab . You can also write in that box what you wrote here explaining the situation, if you haven’t already.

Again, forum moderators need your invite code and Order ID in order to identify and help you. Your Gameflip and forum accounts are separate from each other.

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The in game option in the app, says once I escalate it they will review the evidence

Can I add evidence after this is escalated?

Also am I allowed to post my code and order is here?


I have escalated it

I thought you already escalated. If you haven’t then on the app:
Purchases > click the item purchased > Hold Transaction > select “I haven’t received the item” and write down your explanation (selecting this option will not require you to submit a screenshot, although you can if you want).

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I done all . you said thanks for your help

I appreciate it

Remember to check your email in case Gameflip asks for evidence or more questions. If you don’t respond they may rule in seller’s favor. You can private message the moderators for more help:

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