I got banned for a mistake

I was selling rocket league items and I told the buyer to complete the transaction before I delivered the item. Honestly, before getting banned, I didn’t know you couldn’t do that. It’s on me.
But what pisses me off, is that I still gave the buyers my items. I made a ticket but then my transactions were canceled and I’m banned now.
So buyers got the items and I’m banned :frowning: please help

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the sad thing is that even if you doing nothing bad, there is always someone to report you and a nice majority never bought from you but they report because they are aware you cant do this on gameflip

Yeah. Agreed.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight can you guys help with this, or is it out of your uh idk reach to help with it?

Full story:
I list tw octanes and credits
2 buyers buy them
Before I give the tw octane to the first buyer, I ask him to Complete transaction. He doesn’t. I deliver the item. He opens dispute and escalates. With the other buyer, I didn’t ask for him to complete transaction until after, he also opened a fraudulent dispute and escalated.
All in all, I lost about $70 worth of rocket league items and I’m banned in Gameflip.

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The most important thing. Do you have Clear Evidence of you giving the buyers the items? If not, nothing can be done.

Asking buyer to complete transaction first before giving item is bannable as it is considered scamming.

Contact Support.
Provide evidence of you giving the buyers the items. If you don’t have any evidence or it’s not clear, nothing can be done.

Yes, they probably can check but you have to provide information.
Send them a DM on forums or in this topic with Evidence + profile code/ticket ID + Order ID for the 2 transactions. But contacting Support first is better.

Again, if you do not have clear evidence, nothing can be done.

Firstly, if the item your selling is not a code and you list it as a code delivery, that’s against rules.

Secondly, by using automatic delivery when your selling in game items which require trading, it means once a buyer buys, the transaction will go straight to buyer having to pick whether he received the item (aka complete transaction) or want to open a dispute. Buyer will 100% open a dispute straight away.

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It might be a honest mistake if you didn’t know and ask buyer to complete first but if you sent the item, give proof to support :smiley: maybe the support you had didn’t read it properly and thought you’re a scammer.

I’m saying to sell as a code delivery with automatic delivery if it’s actually able to redeem with a code, not to simply sell anything as a code. I’m not too new on gameflip, Also I hope you having a nice day :smiley:

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Sry for not being online I’m currently on a rafting trip lodge to lodge.
Ok so-
I provided clear evidence of me giving the buyers the item in game. I provided these screen shots in a google slides in gameflip where u can attach evidence
Those screen shots are on my PC. I’m a few 1000 miles away from my PC right now lmao

When I submitted a ticket a days ago (before I got banned) nothing happened except the transactions being canceled and me being banned

My code is LFQC34 I think but I’ve been banned for a while so idk but i it

Sadly tho, I didn’t record a video

@DarkKnight @MajorTom @admins

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Do you want to be really unbanned or only withdraw your $100 is enough?

you should pick the payooner option (between wise, payooner, skrill and bitcoin), it’s quick to create your account and you just need to provide your email adress to withdraw the cash

Payooner is the most similar option to PayPal in my opnion

The fees to withdraw is

gameflip will charge %1 + $1

And then, payooner will charge $3 to you receive the cash and then 2% if you want to convert to another currency (like USD to EUR or CAD or anything else).

Your bank may charge extra fees also but everything is right to spend after this

You already have this topic on forum so you can open a ticket and provide the URL to this topic to provide more information to the support

@DarkKnight i have been falsely banned / account locked i apparently have had too much stuff declined although i only recall having 2 things declined this is my code

this is my profile code: 1D8GY9

Hello @crapholeplant!

Please keep in mind that requesting a buyer to complete the transaction before sending the item is strictly forbidden and this should be known since we request sellers to mark an item as shipped, once it was shipped. So by marking an item as shipped and not shipping, makes you lie about the delivery and forcing the buyer to complete, removed their right to test and verify the item, if it was sent incorrectly or is not working for some reason.

So please keep in mind that your suspension will remain permanent.

Please note that creating or accessing other Gameflip accounts is prohibited for the duration of this suspension.

If you have any doubts regarding this, please check the following links:

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello @Use_code_fin!

I have verified your account and can see that the Support Team resolved your case.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident: