I got Banned as a seller.

Hi,im a rocket league item seller that has been selling for a couple months.i have nearly 1500 good reviews and just got banned for ‘Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity’.but how? i did nothing wrong.so confusing and there is people waiting for me to deliver and i cant even reply to them.

Please share your invite code so moderators can help you

My bad,sorry. ‘926VLY’

I was thinking it was my last poor review but then I saw that my email is maybe not related to this.

If it is about my last poor review its easily explainable

if you can help in any ways i beg you:( a daily active shop just stopping buisiness really hurts my walllet.i have 11 pending sales and cant do anything with them

Also check your email for any communication. You should also create a support ticket here to get more detail information from the support team.

In the mean time, some basic questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Did you telling users to buy off outside of Gameflip (sign of scam/fraud)?
  2. Did you list/sell forbidden listing/service? You should receive a warning if you did.
  3. Did you ask buyer to complete the transaction before sending item?

There could be other reasons, but the above are common fraud/scam from what I’ve seen complaints on the forum.

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I checked my emails,this is where I found out about the ‘possible fraud’ ban reason.

Yes I did ask my usual buyers if they wanted to buy off me on paypal too by me sending it first because i trust them.but it was on xbox not gameflip…since im trying to cash out to rebuy my rocket league keys and start over again that money would still end up being used on gameflip

i did not do the other 2.Thanks.I dont think of any actual reason to ban me since i make money for them everyday

So the first one may have gotten me banned even tho I never asked someone on gameflip directly? and if so is it a permanent ban?

Thanks for the heads up about the ticket aswell,i made one before getting on here and posting.But the one to 2 waiting days still screw up my buisiness:(

I just checked your account and it was banned for 3 days. We sent you a warning to adjust your profile description about negotiating outside of the market, and you didn’t change it. Ping me here after 3 days, so I can help you further.

Thank you.

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oh you meant the paypal part? i will fix it when unbanned. i did not see any warning either,it was probably in my spams in my email which i never check.Thank you all a lot…is there any way i can either cancel or deliver my current transactions just for tonight? because in 3 days they’ll all auto-cancel.

You gotta message dunn in 3 days .

yeah i was going to.but my sold items will cancel and my customers wont get theirs:/

If you still need help with those cancelations, can you tell me exchanges that need to be canceled?

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All my 17 sales pending,I contacted most buyers about my ban and they are aware of it(exept those who didnt give me their gamertag),but they will cancel by themselves before the unban.If you need transactions numbers etc. I can maybe dm them to you.Thanks a lot for the help.

i will be offline for the next 15hours ish but now there is 20 sold and 2 of them cancelled

hi…its been 4 days.contacting you as you wanted sir.

please let me know as soon as you can,

Sorry about the delay here. I wasn’t around.

I unsuspended your account.


Thank you SO much man.much love to gameflip.

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