I have banned the account I think, that by voting before receiving an article,

I have banned the account I think, that by voting before receiving an article,
Of course, they cheated me, that’s what the buyer asked for,
and it does not exist anymore, because I scam many people and they eliminated it, but,
I had an answer that did not cover the scam, and I opened a dispute on paypal, they gave me a refund, well, but they banned me?
it must be because of that?
I am selling and with me they earn money but to throw me like that?
we cheated a seller
Have all the affected accounts been eliminated?
I dont believe it,
I do not have money almost to eat,
normal that I do not want to lose anything,
and there something else,
I sold a game, the clicker heroes 2, and I was waiting for the buyer’s rate to cash it tomorrow, now what?
I’ve sold that key and used it, sure, I have to charge my sale,
and I do not understand deactivating my account when I sell cleanly, any solution?

Have you been selling or posting any type of account for sale?
And have you commented anything vulgar or offensive?

Your english is not great but what I have interpreted your post as saying is that you scammed through the following methods:

  1. You asked buyers to rate first before delivering
  2. You did a paypal dispute on money deposited to Gameflip
  3. Worked with multiple accounts?

Any one of these would be sufficient grounds for you to be suspended. Gameflip do not often reactivate accounts of scammers or give them the ability to withdraw cash as its origins can be dubious and/or it is used to compensate those scammed.

However, if you want Gameflip to look at this I would suggest posting your Invite Code and or PMing the Moderators - 1 DunnBiscuit 2 op_JOkEr

Please be patient as the Moderators do not work during weekends.

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I translate with google,
I wrote a copy of the email that I sent to the support, but they did not answer me,
I had a clean account and also sold, I did not cheat, just the other way,
the problem is that I buy, I do not know if I do more …
I bought and cheated, me and many,
the salesman had a trick to force you to vote for him, he gave you a false key and then he did not send you another, but he said yes,
to the affected ones like me, gameflip did not give solution, nor at least say that they would try to recover their money, they responded badly, as if they did not defend the scam, that is ugly,
then yes, I did not have another, I asked for my paypal refund, because paypal does not fail,
I do not know if gameflip would recover that money, I believe that by paypal it could also be, if not because they are sincere, but they responded like a fool, …

and the worst thing is that I sell, I sell,
I had a sale about to be able to charge in two days,
So either I lose 11 dollars with a vendor-swindler, or I lose 20 that scammed me gameflip?
gameflip has been left with my money, and they do not answer me with any solution, again, like fools, the support is not good …
I am not bad, I sell without cheating, I do not want nor can I lose my money, …
I can not see my invitation code, I can not enter ,
they do not let me write to you pm, it’s all without options,
I thought about making a video about this and it would be very bad, I have thousands of followers … but for now I’m waiting