Scam website - cant get money?

So - I’ve made account and i wanted to sell some keys/games - i saw many people sold there item. And yes many transaction was successfully completed. But after i sold some keys i didnt received feedback by buyers (and i sent these keys), without feedback i didnt got money, but ok i sold more keys.
Now my account was banned without reason, even if games are still in store or keys. I can’t get money to paypal or i can’t buy nothing. Support dont answer my question.

Ps. I didnt used bonus credits (reff links etc). I just got 2$ at start like all, i found invite code in internet. Really i don’t care about 2$ and u can take it.
What i want? i Want my money - I dont care about account.

Sorry for my English.

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@damian_kowalski Your account may have been tied to fraudulent behavior from Buyers, in which your account may of been suspended due to this. Please make sure to send a ticket to support and answer all of the information asked in order to continue our investigation into your account and unsuspend if deemed so.

i can understand much but before suspending account you should have proof. I don’t know any of Buyers. Invite code i found here; (you can check it). I just bought few skins (inc. 2$ from bonus, but as i said - i don’t care about it). I Didn’t shared by invite code anywhere.

I have contacted support but still not answer. I have some keys to ship but i will not do this, i hope is not bad, but please understand now how i feel.

Due to an influx of tickets it may take a little longer than normal to get to yours, but Support will get back to you as soon as they can.

these images is good proof that i didn’t made these accounts, and are made by other people? i sent mostly keys (not all cuz i got ban so i don’t see sens to send these and give for free).

is in Polish, but i can try to change to English if is important.

screenshots (there are hour and date on every trade) - i should send this to support or don’t help this?

Yes, please also reply to your Support ticket with this.

answer of suport;

Hello damian,

Your account was suspended by our fraud detection system.
Reason: Requiring users to rate first

Gameflip Help

So, i got banned cuz i added-asked everytime to rate me? I write this always after i sent key. Maybe once happen for mistake that i wrote before but it was bug of website (slow loading and i wrote not there i wanted).

But really i sent many keys just for free to user - i lost a lot of money and i want these back. I don’t care anymore about website, i just want my money back!
What i can do with this?

How much i should wait for support answer? I was asked to screenshot from trade history and i sent these… 2 days ago and still not answer.

Now they will start to ignore you just like me. i got banned because i had 63 refs and they think these were my multi account. who would make 63 accounts when you need to use your phone nr to create account?

yeap but sadly cuz i sold keys that i sent later and i lost like 30+ keys (1 key is 2.50$), i didnt reff any user etc.

Still i didnt shipped all keys but if my account will be not unbanned i will not ship anymore, i just want my money that all. - even i cant answer, everytime i have “Account Suspended”

You can try to requesting payout idk if it works when your suspended. what i can do? i got report ;(