Gameflip steal me

I get banned a 4 mounths ago without none motive, and I have some money on wallet, money that I cant withdraw. This site is scam?

Same the same thing happend to me I’ve got 100 dollars on there and is so annoying. I’m pretty sure that gameflip is a scam now

What was the response from support? They didn’t give you a reason why the account was suspended?

Yeah so basically, do you know that thing where people go around saying ‘Your purchase has been completed please send to bla bla blah.’ I tried to help someone out saying that guy is a scammer don’t send it to him. Then the owner calls me a scammer and reports me. I thought he was messed up in the head to think that way so I just forgot about it all and now I’m suspended

Then they asked for my credit card bla bla bla. Can you check out my post for more details