Suspended for shallow reason, Gameflip has my $400 money!!! i cant send it on my paypal

I got suspended because of the customer try to scam me he use my code and file a hold on transaction and i got little angry, after then i got suspended and i have money there that i need now for my daughters medicine :frowning: please help me

this is my invite code UV2UNT, please admin help me :disappointed_relieved:

Admins please help me :frowning: i need to recover my account i badly needed my money…

bump this topic :frowning:

@DunnBiscuit sir please help me :disappointed_relieved::pray:

Its been 3 days and still no reply :frowning:

For that reason you will get permanent suspended then they will have your money… I work hard on selling in gameflip… i got 50 good ratings and then after a shallow reason u will get some permanent suspend? Wow good game well played gameflip…

@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr @AponeGF @TheFuBar Sir can you please help me withdraw my money on my account ? I just need it so badly… i work hard to earn that money… got a good ratings and im not scamming people… please help me godbless

After looking into this we see this account was suspended for extreme harassment including hate speech. Such behavior is not tolerated in our marketplace. As a result, a suspension was placed on this account.