i just got banned and need help

i just got banned for conducting sales outside of gameflip.
i just checked and no warning received prior to ban.

ticket id Thanks for contacting Gameflip Support. Your request (468541) has been received.

i never advertise or tell people to pay me directly,
i actually like the sales going through gameflip protection,

i did comment on a guy scamming me off a discord sites post to pay what he owe me ( i knew his gameflip)

so if that is the banreason people need to be careful.

i dont know my invite code, so if a mod could respond so i can dm my email for further information so i know what i actually got banned for.

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also 100$ in wallet i cant withdraw.
pending orders ( i get the notification of them spamming me for delivery still)

800+ reviews.
never have i told people to paypal me instead of gameflip.
i gladly pay my gameflip taxes.

this sucks bigtime

not even an email, just cant login with the banreason.

Hi Christian.
If you can also post your friend code (if you know it) it will help the MOD’s

Dont have the code

The website banned account will not send you a mail or subpoena to warn you, I don’t understand what they said have sent warnings, I did not receive any emails and subpoenas from them.
Your account has been banned when they send a subpoena or email
I received a banned account in June, but the subpoena sent by the website said that I was given a warning in May. My account record can show that I was not sent a warning in May.

The website banned account will not communicate with the account owner, but they think it is correct.

Sounds bad

@DunnBiscuit any chance to help me?

@DarkKnight or maybe you :slight_smile: because this must be a mistake.
I should probably not have been pissed at the scammer guy. So my own fault in the end just need to know if final.
Never took pay outside gameflip

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