Hello Guys I got banned Need help..

hello guys i got banned from the website its my first ban on websites they gave me ban because i accepted order by mistake and they thought that i’m Scammer i told them i can give them anything or money to give my account back and they didnt even respond to my ticket for a 3 days and no one respond yet and also i got my money on this account so,I don’t know why they cant give me one more chance at least they give me ban once and they wont give me chance… so what now i cant even sell on gameflip because i have no account to sell on it they want me to verify my card and when i do they tell me not supported so what should i do guys please because its been a while and no one wants even to help me with that…And thanks.

What you mean with "accepted order by mistake "

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i was doing someone order and i accepted it by mistake i wanted to accept another person order not that dude

You was banned in January.

Why do you have muti forum names?

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Yes and they wont even give me another chance its my first time to get ban on this website

If you break ToS you will temporary suspend or permanents suspend the account.
Each situation is different on how they handle suspension.
Sometime it only takes one banned

If you mark it as shipped when it was not you’re in theory trying to scam the buyer or manipulate the system.

Gameflip maintains a safe and quality marketplace environment for our community members. Therefore, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban an account if it is proven that the user has violated our Terms or Service or Code of Conduct.

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