Hello Guys i got suspended..? help please

Hello guys.i got suspended without reason. i just woke to accept someone who selling cs go skins the order and suddenly got suspended why is that? Help please

My invite code is F8A8FV

Hi there
Do you have 2 different names on this forum?

same picture name , same logo for user,

Anyhow , have you received any email from GF mentioning any reason as to why they suspended?

no i have only one but another one i cant make a topic on it idk why so i created a new one

And no they didnt respond yet…im waiting

The mods are based in US , hence atm it would be early morning.
They should be in touch with you in about 4-5 hours.

i hope so bro i rly didnt do anything bad for buyers also i have a 46 good ;(

Hello to all. My friend bought game from you and in the description it was stated that region is free global. But it turned out that the game has not region global. You forced him to change his region so that he could accept the game. Before that, he asked for refund. But you did not return him money !!! It’s unfair!!! You write desinformation in your description and after it You forved your buyers to change region.

@Oskar You were banned for marking as shipped to “avoid cancellation” before even sending anything.

@Bruno Gameflip does not sell anything, we have sellers that use our platform, and they could have done something wrong to your friend, advise him to open a ticket so we can look it up.

Thanks @Tali. I know it. But I talk about Oskar, about him. My friend bought a game from Oscar Hulpher and Oscar forced him to change region!!!

My bad @Bruno for misunderstanding your post, I’m sorry.
Either way, naming and shaming on forums won’t help your friend, please tell him to always open a ticket if something unusual occurs during a purchase.

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who bought from me ? and who are you mate?

Thanks. I recommend to my friend. He will write ticket to support. Best wishes

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