Gameflip isnt responding me for more than a week

I have opened countless topics on this forum to get my account back
I got banned for a missunderstanding and im really mad with this i need my account back i had money and lots of feedbacks
The reason gameflip gave me was this :
Your account was suspended since you are trying to buy and/or sell items from/to another accounts of yours.
But there is one thing that account wasnt mine i told a friend of mine about gameflip and he wanted to sell me a key as far as i understand the reason caused ban was because of we used the same ip
Even though purchase never went through i got banned
Please remove my ban i really like using gameflip and like i said i need my money back :frowning:

I just got an email from gameflip saying:
Thank you for contacting us.
Unfortunately, as said, the suspension is permanent and this case is closed.

This is so unfair i didnt do anything wrong its gameflips fault and problem is still not being solved

Hi @Furkan_Erol, would you send me via PM your invite code? I can take a further look on your situation.

I still havent recieved a reply what is happenning?!!

This is getting boring please fix this for me its not my fault i wouldnt argue if it was my fault

I also got banned would u help me as well people make mistakes and sometimes its not even the people its the gameflip service i would like to know how to get my accoumt unbanned