No reply from gameflip for 3 weeks...

I got banned for a miss understanding
The reason gameflip gave me was this :
Your account was suspended since you are trying to buy and/or sell items from/to another accounts of yours.

But I’m sure its a miss understanding…
Here is my gameflip tickets screenshots, they are open since 20 days and not even one word as reply!!
You can see other tickets are forcibly closed with any reply:

Same here …

Merhaba Furkan!

Yes, I saw you have same condition.
I think its because of I used VPN or 3G internet, or sometimes I was logging in through a public WiFi.

Hope we can get our accounts back.

I hope we can mate…
This really doesnt make sense at all

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Hey @GC_Broker

Please send me via PM your invite code so I can review your case?

Hey @Furkan_Erol, your case is within our queue and we will answer your ticket as soon as we get to it.

Thank you.

Thank you mate please fix this for me i really need my account back

I am still waiting why is this taking so long?

They replied me!
My account suspention is permanent and they will never allow me to open another account.
This is bad!

I even asked if I can open another account, and they said:
No, if you open any new account, that would be suspended too.

So I’ll try to use my friend account to start over!
It would be kind of stealth account!

This really doesnt makes sense we didnt do anything wrong they are stealing money from us like this

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I would also like if u guys can check my account u guys need to learn or give people chances taht they might be stupid sometimes and that they make mistakes plz help me unban my account i will never scam using gameflip or anytjing again and that was just a one time thing that i do agree is dumb but everyone makes mistakes guys help me

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