Gameflip account falsely banned

Hey gameflip, I just realized that you guys falsely banned my account. You are supposed to give me 3 warnings but only gave me 2. The 3rd warning doesn’t count because you guys gave me a temporary ban. During that time someone had bought from me and I couldn’t answer him due to my account being temporarily banned. Then he reported me and I couldn’t do anything about it and that counted as my 3rd warning. If you re-open back up my account I won’t break the TOS this time and sell accounts. It’s just that you guys falsely banned/closed my account. Please look into it. Also gameflip you guys aren’t replying to my emails.

Why did you ignore the first 2 warnings?

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I never ignored it, there was someone who bought it before the warnings then after a day my account got temporarily banned. During that time the I couldn’t send him the account then the dude reported me and I got my account permanently deleted. @Noxcy

Can you do anything about my account though? Or at least reply to my emails since it’s been over 3 days. @Noxcy

Read my previous replies please. @Noxcy also I never ignored the second warning. I decided to stop selling accounts after the temp-ban but then I got my third warning from the dude who reported me for “scamming”

There is not much I can do to help, please wait till somebody responds to your ticket or till an admin responds on the matter.
Support doesn’t always reply right away could be a couple days more

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Okay well try to get a admin or support or something since I don’t want to continue being banned on gameflip. Thank you

I understand you want to get back on your account as soon as possible but best option will be to just wait for somebody to look into the matter from the support side, they usually always respond just some cases take longer then others

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Okay thanks!!!

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