Why is gameflip support so bad?

I’ve literally been waiting since Saturday for a response and I still haven’t been answered by support. I posted on here and a mod told me to message him my invite code I did and he hasn’t replied to me either. I’ve been suspended for no reason I feel like. All I want is to be unsuspended. Why am I suspended? How long am I suspended for?

are you buyer or seller?
Maybe you suspended due to violation of TOS, or Tried to scam someone.
What is your ticket number?
if its near 123xxx to 125xxx then it will review in a day or two. because my last 123xxx reviewed before 2 days.

I never tried to scam anyone I have 5 sells and they are all legit I’m friends with some of them now on the games I sold in game items to them for.

Still no response I’ve never seen a company with such bad customer service like even on the forums I was told to message a this guy that is a moderator so he can look into it and he never responded to me either. I’m starting to think this website is a scam and just trying to take my money.

I contacted them on Friday as I brought an item and seller did not deliver it but claims he did. I have clear proof showing he didn’t I put transaction on hold and emailed Gameflip the evidence on friday bit still heard nothing

Yeah this website has such bad customer support its ridiculous. Like I’ve sold 5 items all happy buyers gave me positive ratings and I get suspended for no reason

I evhave n message mod and had no reply. My case should take 5 seconds I emailed them proof of the guy sending message in chat saying I sent it to gamertag similar to yours. It should need one click look then click the refund button.

Dude I’m still waiting for a answer from support

This support is a ■■■■, he does not aswer nothing. I banned too and send a lot of email, and message on this forum and gameflip support ignore me too. Bad service Im very disapointed

Dude I’ve been banned for 10 days now trying to get unbanned and I have $58 dollars in my account like ban my account but at least let me have my money back

Hey guys, if you have support tickets waitng for answers, please send them via PM and I’ll answer them whenever possible.

Thanks and we apologize for the delay on answering your requests.