Ripped off by gameflip

Hey guys I have been selling on GAMEFLIP for a few weeks. It really sucks because Anyone can harass you and GAMEFLIP doesn’t care. They don’t even have a block button or moderators. Some guy told me to lower my price of a PS3 and I said no. Then he reports all my items stolen and GAMEFLIP just suspended me and won’t even investigate. They locked the account and kept my money. They say it’s suspended but give no time frame for suspension or no information of how I can prove the guy is lying. I sent pictures of him messaging me over and over but I can’t show the whole conversation because they locked my account. Don’t do business with GAMEFLIP they do this to a lot of people. They just want to get free money they don’t care about you. VBBN3T is my invite code and I never invited anybody and I’m glad. If you invite a lot of people they suspend you for that too and keep your money. I don’t expect to get my money back I just want to tell you it’s a scam. Peace.

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As far as I can tell, this is the only instance where something like this could have happened on the app. Further, everyone who’s ever used these forums has had a positive experience, for the most part, from the staff at Gameflip. So I’d ask that you forigve me as I take this with a grain of salt.

If that is the case, the easiest thing to do would have been to go to the help pages here on the forum and ask for help in figuring out this mess. But, instead, you make an account specifically to put down the site that has done everything in it’s power to be a positive marketplace up to this point.

I suggest that, if you really are in such a dire place as to make such an angry comment, do all you can to contact the company itself; email them, call them, message them here in the forums in the appropriate area, but leaving a rant about a potential misunderstanding being the be-all-end-all horrible thing that proves this app is a scam isn’t doing anything to help you out or help us be well informed in any case.


I know this case of yours, and as I saw, the support team is asking you some information in order to investigate the issue. Please, send all the information that is asked so the team can support you better by investigating every aspect of the issue.

Please, instead of creating another account and coming here to put the site down, seek the support team request, answer it and have patience, as I’m sure they will help you with this issue the best as they can.

Have a great day.

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GAMEFLIP ignores your messages and keeps your money. These people are crooks. I have been harassed and called names and they suspended the guy a week later. A week later!!! That’s how long they take to help you! Now I can’t even put gas in my car because GAMEFLIP is holding my money! And not for the sale they are saying is a bad sale(which never took place). This is money for actual toys and games that I’ve been rated for and got good ratings!!! Of course I’m putting this site down. People have my items and gave me good ratings and GAMEFLIP is still keeping my money! Use mercari they are way better! These guys don’t even reply!!! And when they do they say “um can u send more screen shots?” After they already locked your account and you can’t take screen shots!!! I want my money I’ll never use this site again.

You obviously work for the site. Or your trying to score brownie points. Either way this site sucks and one day they will rip you off too if your a real person to begin with.

I’ve sent many messages to your “NO SUPPORT” team! Meanwhile the guy who reported all my stuff stolen is on my Instagram laughing because you guys will go for anything. I don’t want to sell anything on your site ever again I just want my money for my sold items! Don’t respond if you can’t help I’m an adult and this is a forum. I don’t need you telling me what to say. If you did your job I wouldn’t be on here.

Hello and good morning!

As I already told you, seek the suppor team, you can e-mail them directly at if you don’t give the information the support team needs to investigate the issue, they won’t be able to help you further.

Unfortunately I can’t do much for you here. Only give you guidance on what to do next.

Thanks and contact the support team.

Have a great day.

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