Still Ripped Off By Gameflip

Still no response from Gameflip and they are still holding my money. They actually locked my thread so I can’t tell people about the situation. They are just scammers. Go look at my last thread and they locked it so I can’t even reply anymore! Don’t sell stuff on this site because they will just steal your money and lock your account. And if you come on the forum they will disable and lock your thread. I bet this site is ran by Hillary supporters. Just a bunch of lying scammers. Meanwhile I have people giving me good ratings and trying to pay me but they just keep my money. And some robot will hop on this thread and say what’s your invite code… Or email support… And they know they are ignoring my emails!!! Sell on mercari Gameflip is crap!!!

Hello there!

Looking into your issue we see we replied to your email 2 hours before you posted this. In your email we said we were giving you a warning and allowed you to resume your sales.

The issue you reported of being harassed was not related to your suspension. We looked at the comments and found no evidence of harassment. The buyer was asking questions about the system you were selling. Looking even further, he did not contact us at all to report you for anything.

If you think we are mistaken, please reply to our email about the harassment and send screenshots since you are now able to log into your account.